• Tailor our heat pump test drive service to help promote your business or project

    Our heat pump test drive is a fresh new way to give people a taste of what it might be like to have a heat pump. Instead of just giving people facts and figures, we provide tools to let people experience what it might actually look, sound, and feel like to live with a heat pump. To try it out for yourself, visit pump:chic.


    We're now offering the opportunity to tailor our heat pump test drive service to help promote your business or project. You can provide the test drive experience and guide interested users directly back to you. Uses include:

    • Add it to your marketing as an engaging way to attract and interact with your audience
    • Use it onsite to demonstrate heat pump equipment
    • Users can share their photos and videos of your branded 3D Augmented Reality heat pump, helping promote your services
    • Give households a better idea of what to expect from a heat pump, reducing surprises down the line

    Check out the options we offer below. The Professional plan is free, but commercial organisations are invited to make a contribution to help cover costs.

  • Which option suits you?

    Take a look, then scroll down to send us your details and get the ball rolling.
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    (or pay-what-you-can)

    Your own branded page on this website to use in your promotion, including:

    • Intro to your company/project
    • Branded AR heat pump model
    • Next steps journey directing users to you
    • Users can submit details directly to you via a form

    Check out these example commercial (Amacan) and community organisation (Green Heat Coop) pages. 

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    Get in touch for price options

    Everything in the Professional plan, with additional options like:

    • Leaflets with details of the test drive service and linking to your tailored page
    • New heat pump AR models based on the pumps you work with
    • Any other ideas you may have!
  • Enter your details and we will be in touch about next steps

  • About and contact

    pump:chic (and the associated heatpumptd.com site) is a project by Mike Fell with the aim of helping get to net zero carbon quicker. If you have questions, suggestions, or are generally interested in discussing or collaborating, please get in touch at mike@pumpchic.com or via Twitter @heatpumpchic.